Technical Analysis

Overall, there are two types of analysis that are used in investing to determine direction, these are: Fundamental; and Technical analysis. The Forex market is ‘forward thinking’ which means that much of the Fundamental news and economic data is already evident in the price, this means that traders are able to determine which way a market is heading 80-90% of the time based solely on Technical charting factors. Technical analysis involves the study of historical price action, using specific techniques and analytical tools to determine overall market sentiment.

InsideFX specialises in Technical analysis, deriving raw price action data for an overall directional bias. We’re advocates of simplicity using a few key analytical tools that enable us to execute positions which provide high probability short to medium term trade set ups.

The Technical articles below will give you a small introduction to our analysis and the type of content that is shared with our members on a daily basis. As well as this, the Archive below allows you to access up to 3 months of our historical analysis for FREE. To gain daily insights into the market in real-time, including price targets, educational videos and more click here. Alternatively, if you’re ready to learn how to trade independently and analyse the markets for yourself then click here to enquire about our full educational trading courses.

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