The forex (short for foreign exchange) market is a global, decentralised financial market comprised of all of the World economies. Originally, the market was only available to large banks and governments known as institutions, however advancements in technology and computing, along with growing interest in investment opportunities has opened the market up to allow individual, retail participants to trade and profit from the price fluctuations between these global currencies.

The Forex market is open 24 hours, 5 days a week and is the most liquid financial market in the world with over 5 trillion dollars traded on a daily basis. This provides many lucrative investment opportunities for individuals to profit from.


There is a variety of different ways that you can get involved in Forex trading, whether it’s part-time, on the side of your full-time employment; or it could be in pursuit of complete financial freedom- whatever your reason, the market allows you the flexibility to fulfil those motives.

One thing to bear in mind though is the vastness of the market. Most people don’t come from a background in finance and economics and so the whole prospect of learning about such a thing can be quite daunting- but don’t worry, you don’t have to become the next Adam Smith (famous economist) in order to successfully speculate in the Forex market. All you need is the correct information, an open mind and a bit of dedication. (Oh and a little bit of starting capital might be a good idea!).

While it’s possible to become a profitable trader within a matter of months, it’s very important to note the importance of  proper education and experience. The most valuable investment you can make with your money is in educating yourself in how to make more: Would you rather invest £1000 into the markets and lose it OR invest £1000 into teaching yourself how to make 10…50…£100,000+?

Find yourself a good mentor who can guide you through your journey as a trader and can answer any questions you might have. We would always recommend starting trading on a DEMO account until you are completely comfortable, and NEVER RISK MONEY THAT YOU’RE NOT WILLING TO LOSE.


We specialise in short to medium term swing trading and implement strict risk management strategies in order to minimise losses, maximise profits and consistently grow our trading accounts. Instead of spending all day on the charts looking for trade setups our relaxed approach to the markets gives us plenty of free time to refine our skills and help our students as we allow trade opportunities to present themselves to us.

Focusing on technical analysis, we offer our members a full breakdown of all the currency pairs that we trade accompanied with daily and weekly market updates. We hope that through consistent analysis and a large variety of content, we are able to give members further insight into market analysis and allow for a deeper understanding of how to predict future price movements (and if not please let us know and we’ll gladly assist!).

Our aim is to provide an informative platform to educate novice and even experienced traders, creating an environment which allows any motivated individual to safely and consistently extract profits from the foreign exchange markets. We provide a range of educational courses to ensure traders have the correct tools and knowledge to get started, as well as providing an online service to guide traders through the markets in real time- all in all a perfect storm for profit.